Tantra massage is potent sensuality blended with a perfect mixture of pure spirituality. I am a knowlegeable masseuse and  gifted in the arts of kundalini massage. Let me liberate you by adding a unique fusion of modern and ancient techniques to your tantric practice.

The entire universe is is a manifestation of pure energy. All that is found in the universe can be found inside of us. Unfortunately with are busy lives, we rarely take a moment to focus our being in the now. We are too stressed about the future.

Allowing your mind to focus on the present moment is the first step to truly being. We will begin with a ceremonial bath or wash.

During the 2nd step, I will be guiding you further along your path of awakening through touch, taste, sight, smell, and relaxing /or tribal inspired music . My sessions offered are Tantra massage, Tantra Dance, and Tantric body painting. Do keep in mind that my practices are tailored to your specific needs. No session will be exactly the same.

Lastly, we focus on connection and onenesss through guided meditation, breath work, and mutual touch. Sometimes we forget just how important touch is to our overall being. This is why I incorporate kundalini massage in my Tantric practice.

Science has shown that during the relaxing state of massage not only does it cause your heartbeat to slow, blood pressure to fall, muscles to relax , it also causes your body and mind to regroup and recharge. I find this helps to aid in opening and clearing the chakras which in turn balances the mind, body, and spirit.

I look forward to meeting you in the future and guiding you along your tantra path.