My Journey

Hello Dear readers.

I’ve created MY JOURNEY to not only expand on tantra. I’ve also created this space as a haven for those awakend, those awakening, seekers, tantric practitioners, healers, spiritualist, and those who refuse to give (who they are, and what they feel ) a title .

You are not alone on your journey. The writings, the poems, the insights ON MY JOURNEY are meant to only resonate the truth that is already inside of you. You are love and pure energy. When we disconnect from the ” hustle and bustle” and reconnect with are true selves (source) we find that everything around us flows easier and we are able to see clearer .

I hope some of the things I’ve learned, I am still learning, and will to learn. Helps you along your path.

With love ❤️Naomi



(Phone:954-383-4560 )


My Journey Continues…


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