My Spiritual Journey Cont. In China

As much as I appreciate the luxurious experiences that life has offered me, I am equally greatful for the simple gifts I’ve been bestowed with.

I love the way a beautiful diamond sparkles, but I am equally in awe over a beautiful vibrant clear crystal quarts. On my travels one of my favorite things to do is escape for some me time and head to the beach away from the crowd and just connect and be one with nature.

After separating from my company I was told I may enjoy going to putushan island by a friend. It’s about an hour away from Shanghai by plane. The spiritual recharge you get from the beaches there is well worth it.

I fealt so ignorant not realizing China has beaches lol . I probably shouldn’t admit that but I never knew until going to mainland China beaches existed! I sat there on the beach side with my feet in the sand in a meditative position and just taking it all in. That experience really helped me to balance and regain some much needed clarity.

Another thing I like to experience is where the “real people” that actually live that culture reside. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to stay in a fancy villa at a high end resort, or be pampered in a luxury hotel. But it can be equally refreshing to spend time getting to know people in the traditional Chinese homes and markets that are away from the resorts and away from the fancy restaurants.

On my travel in China I would walk through a traditional market and would be in awe at how they worked everyday although it is very competitive for them. You have 50 people selling the same things right down the street from each other. I thought to myself ” I would give up under these conditions”. I passed by one shop and a lady working there had the biggest smile . I went into her shop , although there was 50 just like it, But it was her energy that drew me.  It was her light and the fact that you could tell she really appreciated me stopping by. Even though I’m not in China I still check in on her because the experience and connection touched me that much.

What I am learning on this journey is that in reality. We only have so much time in these natural bodies, and these materialistic possessions that we hold so dear in the end will not be able to go where that spiritual being goes.

What I’ve come to realize that in reality we are nothing more then spiritual beings on a natural journey . And although I love the luxury and opportunities I have been afforded in this life, it’s equally important to truly enjoy the moment and take it all in. Like enjoying the simplicity of a seashell held against my ear. Or enjoying the company that I am blessed to learn from and travel with.

Because in the end of this journey all you will take with you are your experiences .






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