Spring Into Your Inner Goddess


There is no other time of the year that is more symbolic of rebirth and renewal then the season of spring. In ancient times from Africa to Europe and places in between. celebrations were held celebrating the spring goddess .

This spring why not take some time out to honor the goddess or the feminine energy within you.

I find a wonderful way to do this is with a physical and spiritual spring cleaning. Guys this process is not only for women. We are all born with both female and male energy. It is up to us to dig deep and find that balance of both energies inside of ourselves.

You may be familiar with term “spring cleaning”. It refers to taking the time out each spring season to go into your closets and remove the clothing you no longer wear, to go throughout your home and do a deep cleaning, and to go into that cluttered basement or garage and throw out those things that are no longer of value to you.

Spring cleaning is an important thing to do to add space in your home and to give you a reset in your space. But while we’re spring cleaning our homes this season I thought it important to encourage spring cleaning our lives in general. I mean, why stop at your house?

There are things from our past that no longer define us, that no longer fit us, yet we cling to these things as a part of our identity. It’s time to let them go!

Meditate: Just taking the time out each morning to meditate can do wonders for giving you a clean & clear energy for the day.

Sea or Himalayan Salt bath: salts are tiny crystals. I will go into the healing properties of crystals at a later date. For now fill a hot bath of water mixed with salt (preferably Himalayan salt ) and allow your mind, body, and inner goddess to relax. Close your eyes and feel the negative energy being cleansed .

We currently have people (or things, and situations) that we keep in play but that add little to no value to our being. Keeping these people around makes us feel comfortable because it is familiar even though in reality it is a drain on our goddess energy.

Just as no one wants to go into the basement and attack all the clutter, so too, no one wants to tackle the unbalanced energy they’ve allowed to build up in their lives, in their bodies, and in their minds .

If this process of reaching a balance is hard for you. Seek out an  experienced Tantric provider, Healer, or Massage Therapist in your area who can help with breathing techniques, clearing blocked chakras, and ultimately helping you to connect with your inner Goddess.

This season please find the strength to declutter and reach a state of balance. You deserve it, you are worth it! Spring Into your Inner Goddess.

Thank you for reading and happy spring everyone!


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