Mother Earth Speaks Telepathically

IMG_4446About This Poem (I’d just finished a yoga session and began driving down the street when these words begin to pour into my head. This assertion spoke to me so profoundly I pulled over and picked up a pen and jotted down what I was hearing. Hence the title Mother Earth speaks.)

I give to you blood transfusions without expecting anything in return. Even in my weakest state I give to you expecting nothing in return but thanks and gratitude. I’ve allowed you to walk on me for centuries because you’re my children, and I pledged to take care of you. Expecting nothing in return but for you to grow and be loving, and fruitful as I have been to you.

You complain about your miserable lives while I have been lying here slowly dying. Even in my despair still allowing you to suck from my rich nutritional bosom to help you flourish. And only now that you can see I can no longer give you the nutritional value I once provided you wish to help me? Not because you love me like I so loved you. You will me to thrive only so that I can provide for you, keep giving to you.

I now wish to sleep and close my eyes. But selfishly you wish to keep me plugged into this machine. I now take my last few breaths, holding on only through life support because it benefits you!!!




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