Elevate Your Vibration

Have you ever had that day, or week, hell that month where everything that could go wrong did? The sequence of events that unfold may differ, but the fundamental core of the story  is the same.

The narrative usually begins like this. You get out of bed late at night break your big toe on the invisible dresser drawer that’s been visible in your home for two years. That event is usually followed by another disastrous occurrence. Next Your boyfriend/ girlfriend who you thought was your soulmate breaks up with you. Later that evening You are on your way to meet that once in a life time VIP client when your car suddenly breaks down! We’ve all had these atrocious scenarios. So how do we raise  our vibrations to help make what we we perceive as a negative experience positive ?

**Please note: My suggestions on how to elevate your vibrations are my insights. Just like an herb, essential oil, or man made medicine may work for your ailment, it does not necessarily mean that same mixture will work for my chemical make up. Feel free to taste my outlook. If my perspective isn’t palatable to your tongue please do not ingest

# 1. meditation: (Some prefer the word prayer). Yoga, Qigong, Tai chi ( the latter three are moving meditations. Meditation helps us to connect with our inner being, our higher self. Meditation helps one to gain clarity, balance by seeing our mishaps though a illuminated  lense

#2. Massage: Science has shown that during the relaxing state of massage not only does it cause your heartbeat to slow, blood pressure to fall, muscles to relax , it also causes your body and mind to regroup and recharge. I find this helps to aid in opening and clearing the chakras which in turn balances the mind, body, and spirit.

3.Step Out Of Yourself: When I’m so into my problems I can’t even consider meditation or  massage. I run off to some physical place. I search for something bigger than “ME” this helps me realize  life is so much BIGGER than my problems. For example I may visit a hospital, or a elderly home. Why you ask? Because I’ve learned that often the advice and knowledge, the edlery or the sick convey differ from my Introspection. Some seem to be intuned to a higher level of understanding than my feeble thinking process at that moment.

4#Give: Try taking time out from your own problems to give to someone less fortunate than yourself. This Raises ones vibration to such a magnitude. I can’t count how many times rather at work , at a charity event, or another form of giving back I’ve gained something unexpectedly in return.  The biggest gain a reality check.  I’ve had instances where Someone will be going through something similar but may have greater disadvantages than myself. They could be facing a disability, a loved one on the brink of passing over, they may be their self on the verge of transitioning, or worried about loved ones they will soon be leaveing behind. It amazes me how therapeutic it is to listen to some else’s life experience. How very humbling  yet insightful to meet individuals who are holding it together through times of dispair that  greatly outweigh your own difficulties.

5#Nature: Ahhh going to a beach helps me to balance. It’s something about breathing in the  natural salt water provided by Mother Nature. Listening to the hypnotic flow of the waves beckoning for me to join and be one with all. How trivial  I feel near the sea.

Being surrounded by beautiful wild flowers in a quiet field is another way that helps me reach a state of balance within .Watching  A beautiful butterfly enjoying the sun. I lye in the grass amazed. How magnificent is it to see this colorful creature before me! A specimen who was once a catiplillar crawling along on its belly is transformed! An insect who not long ago built a dark cocoon, and hid away in solitude. We don’t see this phenomenal creature again until he is ready to break free from his prison, and  spread his beautiful wings and fly.

6#Music: find what music takes you to that Healing  place. Some people find that certain music has a certain frequency that helps our bodies, mind, and spirit to balance and heal. I will get into healing your being through vibration with music at a later date. I will say however, during tantra dance and massage I often use high vibrational music. Using certain sounds helps me and the person( people) I am helping gain a higher awareness of our senses.

7#Appreciate, Embrace The Dark Times: After speaking to a very enlightened friend and explaining how I elevated my vibration. She explained to me she has learned to welcome the dark times. For her it is a sign an abundance of light is around the corner. I pondered on it, and it really resonated with me. Looking back at my own life. I have to admit some dark positions I have been put in did make me stronger, smarter, bolder, less fearful . Not only did those “bad” moments help me to be a stronger version of myself ,

Those negative moments helped me appreciate the good moments and not to take them for granted .

If you are going through something stressful at the moment, I hope this blog helps you gain a new perspective. At the very least, I hope my writings help you realize you are not alone.

with love ❤️ Naomi


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