Being One Within An Evolving Universe

“Be one with yourself.” That statement sounds simple enough .

I had someone message me with this. The person meant it in a loving and positive way. I appreciate the message .

The statement however had me dissecting what it truly means to be one with one’s self.

Is being one with ourselves being one way all the time?

For me, that answer would be a resounding NO!

After meditating on this for some time, I came to feel that being one with one’s self involves coming to the reality that we are not one dimensional creatures. Just as our dear Mother Earth is not one dimensional.

Mother Earth goes through changes throughout the year, yet she is still Earth. She experiences fall, winter, spring, & summer, yet she is still Earth . At night we are bathed in her moonlight, yet she is still Earth. During the day we are showered with her sunlight, yet she is still Earth. Mother Earth is forever evolving.

Why then are we expected to be one dimensional creatures?

There are so many parts of me that make up who I am. I am educated, spiritual, sensual, professional, creative, artististic, nurturing, a free thinker and the list goes on. Yet, I am still me.

Just like Earth and her evolving nature, I, too, am the product of evolving. Being multifaceted doesn’t mean all faces are revealed at once. There is a time and place to display my professional side. Just as there is a time and place to release my inhibitions.

I am not one dimensional. I embrace all of my colorful threads that when woven together create the beautiful evolving tapestry that is me. I honor every part of my being. That, to me, is the true meaning of oneness with in myself.



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