Gratitude (poem)

I’m grateful for my laughter.
I’m grateful for my tears.

I’m grateful for my loved ones, and friends I hold so dear.

I’m grateful for emotions. Such as love, passion, and pain.

Because without these stated emotions what memories are there to gain?

I’m grateful for my two eyes, they materially help me see.

I’m grateful for my third eye, that perceives things spiritually.

Im grateful for the air I breath, the rivers, and the sea.

I’m grateful for a fires warmth, and mother earths greenery.

I’m grateful for my knowledge, my inner beauty, and insight.

I’m grateful for for this human experience, both blessings, and my plight.

I’m grateful for all the memories I’ll pack on my final flight.

I’m grateful for another day to kiss and hold you tight.

Naomi Tantrika


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