Spring Into Your Inner Goddess

There is no other time of the year that is more symbolic of rebirth and renewal then the season of spring. In ancient times from Africa to Europe and places in between. celebrations were held celebrating the spring goddess . This spring why not take some time out to honor the goddess or the feminine energy within […]

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Devastated upon hearing of your untimely cremation. Utterly Petrified by the sudden Realization. That I won’t see you again until my spiritualization. Grateful to be connected with you through guided meditation. Honored to have known you in this earthly manifestation. What I’ve learned from you love is beyond an explanation. What we shared was real […]

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Goddess Energy

Know that no one can take away the light inside of you. You may feel dim at times. But you have all the light & energy you will ever need stored inside of you. Shine bright.

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Like paper to a pen, can you feel me? While I lie here waiting for your penmanship to Complete me? While I rely on your every stroke, to embolden me with hope…                                               […]

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Gratitude (poem)

It would be foolish to pretend that while residing on this earth plain material items do not hold some importance. For some of our wants, and material needs to be manifested we must remember to show gratitude. Be grateful for the material, mental, and spiritual possessions we are blessed to have in our lives at this present moment.

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